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Intuitive HVAC and Appliance Repair LLC


HVAC repair (heating, cooling, gas conversions), refrigeration repair, appliance repair, and computer repair. We repair all major brand appliances, HVAC Systems, and computers. We install new computer components like routers, wireless devices, cameras, graphics cards, and hard drives as well as remove potential threats from viruses and security gaps in your system. We believe in perfecting our services through good work ethics and quality. Please consider us for your repair needs!!


Key Services Offered :

  • Appliance Repair
  • Generac Repair
  • Gas conversions
  • Swamp Cooler Repair
  • Furnace Repair
  • Heat Pump Repair
  • Computer Repair
  • IT Services





Repair or Replace any component


Refrigerators, Washers Dryers, Dishwashers, Stoves, Ranges, Garbage Disposals,.

Computer Repair

Remove Viruses, Install New OS, Add graphics card, Networking

Swamp Coolers

Replace, repair, or rebuild.


Repair and Maintenance

IT & Networking

Install and set-up routers and Modems. Network computers

Our Core Services


Detect Leaks, repair leaks, recharge system, clean condenser and evaporator, replace/install thermostat, replace fan motors, capacitors, transformers,valves, control boards.


Yearly cleaning to reduce Carbon Sunoxide and Soot

Washer Repair

Replace Motor, transmission, door seals, pumps, hoses, hot and cold valves, and lid switches

Dryer Repair

Replace Timers, Heater Coils, Upper/lower Thermostats, Belts, Lint Screens.

Microwave Ovens

Keep you old machine as the oldies were the goodies! Replace magnetron,HV Diodes Doors, Shields, transformer, or control Board


Replace or clean burners, grills, safety valves, ignitors, repair pilots, replace Gas flex-lines

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Latest News about our Industry

Hard Drive Replace

Standard Hard Drives or Solid State Drives. Adding more storage or upgrading.

Blower Replacement/Clean

Air flow depends on your blower and cleanliness.

Washer Repair

Replace/Replace Water pump, motor, timer/control board, hoses, lid switch, or transmission.

Condenser Repair

Troubleshoot and repair or replace parts C.

Evaporator Clean, Repair, or Replace

Lines icing up? Clean evaporator coil or add refrigerant .

Evaporative Coolers

We replace, rebuild, or repair any cooler. Proper airflow and maintenance are key to cooler efficiency and life span.