About Us

About Intuitive HVAC and Appliance Repair LLC


Although we are somewhat new to the Benson area, we know there are very few businesses in the area to provide jobs for the latest graduates from high school and would like to see them stay in Benson and be contributing members of the city. Most graduating students leave and move to neighboring cities that have jobs. We challenge all residents who live here to help business grow and help us hire the young and vibrant. We think it is a goal that deserves the support of the community. By calling us for service we pledge to create and open trade schools for the future generations that we believe in!!


We value your business and are here to help. Please contact us for your business needs!


TestiSunials Requested!! Your feedback could be helpful for our business. Use contact form to let us know. Thank you!

Equipment is Key


Additional Backup


Proper Tools for the Job


American Made Test Equipment

Easy Temperature Measurents within Seconds

Pocket Ready and accurate for ambient and duct air supplies

Temperature Clamps
Precise Measurments for Repair

Watch your superheat and subcool and prevent overcharging and thermal response

Refrigerant Scale
Controls Cost and Accuracy

Bluetooth Refrigerant Scale communicates with SM480v

Main Gauge Display
Bluetooth Logging

This unit communicates with the refrigerant scale, and remote temp probes